Delta Intensifies Crackdown on Illegal Structures on University Land

By Blessing Obam, JKNMedia Reporter

THE DELTA State Government has intensified its demolition campaign against illegal structures erected on Dennis Osadebay University land, located around 74 Road, Anwai-Asaba.

On Friday, Chief Frank Omare, Chairman of the Taskforce on Recovery of Government Lands, emphasized that the government is targeting land grabbers who deceived unsuspecting citizens into purchasing state-owned properties.

Flanked by Taskforce members during an interview with journalists, Chief Omare highlighted that property owners had been given ample notice since the last demolition at Musa Camp, Asaba.

He issued a stern warning to illegal occupants of government lands across the state, urging them to evacuate their belongings promptly as the government is determined to reclaim all its lands.

Chief Omare made it clear that no compensation would be provided to the property owners, stating that they should bear the cost of the demolitions. “We are still operating in the Asaba area but will extend our actions to Warri, Ughelli, Isoko, Agbor, Patani, Ibusa, and other regions. Governor Sheriff Oborevwori has mandated us to recover all government lands statewide,” he asserted.

He recounted that various government agencies had consistently informed the public that the lands belonged to the government. Despite these warnings spanning multiple administrations, from Kefas, Ibori, Uduaghan, Okowa, and now Oborevwori, people continued to build illegally.

“We are pursuing the land grabbers and community leaders who misled and exploited the less privileged by selling government land.

Many have fled, but the government will track them down because their greed has caused widespread suffering. We cannot remain idle as the government must uphold its policies,” Omare stressed.

He dismissed the notion that the crackdown was politically motivated, stating that the actions were necessary to enforce government policies and were not aimed at any individual.

“They committed a crime by selling government land. In Warri, for example, people have built on roads. Citizens should verify if their property is on government land and remove their valuables because the government will soon arrive,” he advised.

Addressing claims that the government had granted a one-year extension to property owners, Omare labeled these allegations as propaganda and misinformation.

“The government’s intent is not to increase the populace’s hardships but to target the land grabbers who falsely claimed to be community leaders and sold the land. We presented the government gazette and Certificate of Occupancy to the public, which is indisputable,” he stated.

Omare concluded by affirming the government’s commitment to doing what is right and remaining resolute in its efforts. “There are collaborators within the government aiding the land grabbers, but we are addressing that issue as well,” he concluded.

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