New Traditional Ruler Takes Helm as Rivers State Council Chairman

By Helen Okechukwu, JKNMedia Reporter, PH

A NEW Paramount Ruler has been appointed for Apara Kingdom by Rivers State Governor Siminalayi Fubara.

Eze Chike Worlu Wodo is declared as both the Paramount Ruler and the new Chairman of the Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers in a decision that comes in the wake of perceived inefficiencies and leadership gaps under the former chairman, Eze Ohna Sergeant Chidi Awuse.

The announcement was made during a special meeting convened by Governor Fubara with members of the council at the Banquet Hall of the Government House in Port Harcourt.

The man, Eze Chike Worlu Wodo, was said to be known for his mature character and integrity, and made to assume the leadership role with immediate effect.

Governor Fubara also stressed the need for effective leadership within the council, emphasizing that the previous administration failed to foster the necessary cohesion and collaboration with the state government.

He then expressed disappointment over incidents such as the exclusion of official photographs from the council’s 2024 calendar, which he interpreted as a deliberate act of disrespect.

“I believe Eze Chike Worlu Wodo possesses the requisite qualities to lead this council forward,” the governor asserted. “His fatherly disposition and proven track record in Apara Kingdom will ensure that the council regains its purpose and enhances cooperation with the government.”

Accepting the choice, Eze Chike Worlu Wodo expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve and vowed to prioritize unity and peace across all traditional domains.

He also pledged to work closely with the governor’s administration to advance development initiatives and maintain harmony within the communities.

The meeting was concluded with the governor promising support for the council, including the provision of official vehicles and other entitlements due to traditional rulers, while urging Eze Chike Worlu Wodo to swiftly update the records of all traditional rulers in the state, stressing the importance of accurate documentation for effective governance.

The governor described Wodo’s appointment as a new chapter for the Rivers State Council of Traditional Rulers, saying that is why expectations are high for improved coordination and synergy in promoting peace and development across the state.

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