NIMC Refutes Claims of Data Breach, Warns Against Fraudulent Websites

By Joke Kujenya

HEAD OF Corporate Communications, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Mr. Kayode Adegoke, have categorically denied reports circulating online suggesting the illegal exposure of sensitive data of Nigerian citizens.

Issuing a statement to clarify and reassure the public, Adegoke reiterated that the data of Nigerians remains secure, and NIMC has not permitted any website or entity to misuse or sell the National Identification Number (NIN) or other personal data as mentioned in the reports.

He identified several unauthorized websites, including, in,,, and, as data harvesters that are not sanctioned by NIMC.

He then urged the public to disregard any services these websites offer and refrain from providing their data, which may be collected and misused.

Adegoke emphasized that NIMC has implemented robust security measures to protect the nation’s database from cyber threats, adhering to the stringent ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Standard which includes annual recertification and strict compliance with Nigerian data protection laws.

He cautions: “Nigerians are advised to avoid unauthorized and phishing sites to prevent data harvesting and compromise,” restating the NIMC’s commitment to ethical data protection practices in line with federal government directives and data privacy regulations.

“Only licensed partners or vendors are authorized to verify NINs through approved channels and are prohibited from scanning or storing NIN slips,” Adegoke affirms.

He also noted that the NIMC is actively collaborating with security agencies to apprehend individuals posing as legitimate online vendors, ensuring they face legal consequences, while at the same time telling members of the public to stay vigilant against misinformation and rely on verified sources for accurate updates.

Adegoke further asserts that the Commission remains dedicated to providing secure identity management and protecting critical national assets with the highest level of security.

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