Suspect in Failed Bomb Attempt at Port Harcourt Hotel in Intensive Care

By Ajibola Olaide, JKNMedia Reporter

A PRIME suspect involved in the attempted detonation of an explosive device outside Hotel Presidential on the Port Harcourt-Aba Expressway during a protest in Port Harcourt has been apprehended and is receiving intensive care at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital (RSUTH).

The suspect, reportedly part of a group of protesters loyal to FCT Minister Nyesom Wike and supporters of former local government chairmen whose tenures expired on June 17, had been advocating for an unconstitutional extension of their terms.

The explosive device failed to detonate, leading to the suspect’s severe injuries.

In response to the incident, the Rivers State Police Command has heightened security around the hospital to protect both patients and staff. Dr. Adaeze Chidinma Oreh, the State Commissioner for Health, briefed the media, stating that the State Government had promptly alerted all medical facilities to be vigilant for any injuries related to blasts.

Dr. Oreh detailed how the injured suspect was brought to the hospital by individuals claiming he had been in a road traffic accident.

However, medical personnel quickly recognized that his injuries were inconsistent with a car accident and more indicative of a blast-related trauma.

The patient was immediately taken into custody, revived, and the authorities were notified.

The State Government had earlier issued an alert to medical facilities following the failed bombing attempt, instructing them to be on high alert for any injuries suggestive of a blast.

This heightened awareness led to the swift identification and treatment of the suspect.

Dr. Oreh assured that the patient, despite being in critical condition upon arrival, is now stable and receiving all necessary medical care. She confirmed that one individual who brought the suspect to the hospital has stayed to monitor him, while others have left.

The Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, in collaboration with the Nigeria Police, is working to investigate the incident thoroughly. The police have secured the hospital, ensuring the safety of all involved as they continue their investigation.

The suspect remains under intensive medical care, with ongoing efforts from the medical team to stabilize his condition.

Dr. Oreh emphasized that the collaboration between the hospital and the police is crucial in handling this sensitive situation, ensuring both the suspect’s medical needs and the security protocols are effectively managed.

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