A New Model – The Choice is Yours!

By E-ben Anorue

A MAN told a story of how another man tried to convince the people he was consulting for, how that they did not realize that they needed to change their way of thinking, and adjust to new behavioural models. 

“We are used to this” one of the board members said on behalf of a few who sat together at the west wing of the meeting room. 

Another member in another section of the room, commented:

“How can you come and just try to move us away from the status quo? What has always been…!  

With an element of firmness, the expert cuts in: 

“Well, I do not think I will lose anything through your cynicism. You fall in line; you are the beneficiary. You fall out, you become the loser. 

“Didn’t Galileo Galilei, that famous Italian, encounter resistance for his invention of the telescope, and he even went to jail for the same reason? 

“Today, has he not been vindicated? Is the telescope not in use today? The choice is yours. Indeed, as it stands, I am not sure I want to renew the contractual agreement with you because it is frustrating when I proffer a new solution and it is rebuffed”. He concluded.

It was obvious that they had been having difficulties agreeing and so, the appointment scheduled for that day, to reconcile their differences, ended on a fruitless note.

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