Ogun State to Commence Allocation of Kobape Phase III Housing Units Next Week

By Jemimah Wellington, JKNMedia

STARTING MONDAY June 31, Ogun State has announced that the state is set to begin the allocation of 200 housing units in the Kobape Phase III housing scheme.

This announcement came on Thursday from the Commissioner for Housing, Alhaji Jamiu Akande Omoniyi, during a press conference detailing the ministry’s recent activities.

Omoniyi emphasized that the housing policy under Governor Dapo Abiodun’s administration aims to serve as a social benefit rather than a profit-making venture, providing affordable living options for residents and those in the diaspora wishing to settle in the state.

Addressing the allocation process controversies, he clarified that 110 of the 200 subscribers will receive their allocation letters starting Monday, following a first-come, first-served approach.

He also urged subscribers to check for their names, noting that 36 individuals who defaulted on their commitments will have their deposits fully refunded.

Although there was an initial clause for a 10% deduction as an administrative fee in such cases, he said that Governor Abiodun has decided to waive this fee, ensuring full refunds for the affected subscribers.

“Out of the 200 subscribers of Kobape Phase III who have been vocal about their grievances, we will allocate 110 housing units immediately. These units were constructed based on the individual circumstances of the subscribers and strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Our records show that 36 subscribers defaulted, and we will refund them in full, bypassing the usual 10% administrative charge,” stated Omoniyi.

He also assured that the remaining 54 subscribers will receive their allocations in the subsequent batch. Their files are currently under review by the Ministry of Finance and Internal Audit. Once this process is completed, these subscribers will receive their houses, which are 27 blocks of 2-bedroom bungalows expected to be completed within two to three months.

Omoniyi highlighted the state’s achievements in providing affordable housing, noting that since Governor Abiodun’s administration began, over 4,000 housing units have been built — more than the combined efforts of previous administrations since 1976, describing it as a success attributed to substantial government subsidies, which covered land and infrastructure costs, leaving subscribers to pay only for the buildings.

“Under Governor Dapo Abiodun, Ogun State leads in offering affordable housing in Nigeria. While other states were selling 2-bedroom units at N15 million, our benchmark in 2019 was N5.5 million. This significant achievement is due to the government’s subsidies and commitment to making housing accessible,” Omoniyi added.

He further announced the imminent commissioning of three estates in Sagamu, Ijebu Ode, and Ilaro, totaling 500 housing units, saying they are nearing completion, with final touches such as painting currently underway.

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