Delta Gov Urges Youths to Embrace Skills and Financial Literacy

By Blessing Obams, JKNMedia Reporter

NIGERIAN YOUTHS have been urged to focus on acquiring skills and financial literacy to achieve self-employment, rather than seeking traditional white-collar jobs.

This message was delivered by Delta State Governor Sheriff Oborevwori  during the Niger Delta Viewpoint Small Medium Enterprises (NDVP-SME) Conference 2024 held in Asaba, which centered on the theme: “Financial Literacy and Skill Acquisition, A Journey To Self Actualisation.”

Speaking through his Chief of Staff, Prince Johnson Erijo, Governor Oborevwori emphasized the importance of skill acquisition in various fields as a pathway to self-development and empowerment and encouraged young people to draw inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and initiate their own business ventures.

The governor highlighted the necessity for individuals, especially the youth, to move away from relying solely on government-provided jobs and instead become self-sufficient by starting their own enterprises.

He remarked on the significance of training programs that equip youths and women with essential skills for economic independence. He noted the state’s commitment to fostering a pool of entrepreneurs capable of driving the SME sector forward.

The governor also expressed satisfaction with the conference’s focus on financial literacy, which he believes is crucial for small and medium entrepreneurs to independently secure funding and grow their businesses, thus creating more employment opportunities.

He noted that over the years, Delta State has trained thousands of youths in various skills, empowering them to start their own businesses and acknowledged the progress made but also recognized the need for continued efforts. He pointed out that the initiative covers a broad range of fields including catering, fashion, IT, farming, manufacturing, and the creative industry, all of which can help participants achieve economic self-reliance. He urged participants to fully engage with the training and emphasized the importance of mentoring to ensure sustained success.

Kathleen Erhimu, Founder and Group Managing Director of Kudimata Nigeria Limited, welcomed participants to the conference. She shared her journey from working in the financial sector for over 40 years to establishing Kudimata, a hybrid educational financial service provider. Kudimata aims to offer financial education, advisory services, business support, internship, mentorship, empowerment, and training to individuals and small-scale businesses, fostering economic growth and long-term viability.

The event featured prominent speakers including Tara Fela-Durotoye, Founder of House of Tara, who underscored the importance of relationships, reputation, and resilience in business. Mudiaga Enajemo, CEO of Mudi Africa, shared insights on building a brand through talent and self-confidence, while Frank Onosigho, a lawyer, advised on the legal requirements for entrepreneurs, stressing the importance of business registration and trust-building.

During the ceremony, Kudimata, in collaboration with Prudential Energy, presented cheques worth N500,000 each to 50 beneficiaries, enabling them to launch their own businesses.

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