Oyo State Urges Vigilance and Sanitation to Combat Cholera Threat

By Ajibola Olaide, JKNMedia Reporter

THE OYO State Government urges residents to remain vigilant, maintain good sanitation, and adopt preventive measures to combat the spread of cholera.

Commissioner for Environment, Arc. Abdulmoheed Mogbonjubola, issued this call on Monday in Ibadan.

Mogbonjubola lamented that the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified the ongoing cholera outbreak in parts of Nigeria as a “grade 3 public health emergency,” necessitating a maximal WHO system-wide response.

Although Nigeria is one of 14 African countries experiencing a cholera resurgence, Oyo State currently reports no cases, with suspected instances testing negative.

The Commissioner stressed that cholera outbreaks in neighboring states have heightened the government’s vigilance. “To prevent the spread of cholera, we urge everyone to be more vigilant, practice good sanitation and hygiene at home and work, and take preventive measures like keeping their environment clean and disposing of waste properly,” he said.

He also advised ensuring the use of clean and safe water, boiling or treating water from suspicious sources with chlorine solution.

Oyo State has begun a community awareness campaign for disease prevention and highlighted the government’s commitment to avoiding an outbreak.

Mogbonjubola affirmed that the Ministry collaborates with the Office of the First Lady, Engineer Mrs. Tamunomini Seyi Makinde, and other agencies on sensitization drives and preventive measures.

“Despite Oyo State having no recorded cholera cases, we must remain vigilant and take preventive measures to avoid any spread,” Mogbonjubola stated.

He emphasized increased surveillance, safe water resource provision, and preparing health facilities to handle potential cases.

The state also collaborates with leaders in various sectors, including Park Management Systems, markets, schools, and industries, to ensure good sanitation practices and avoid open defecation.

Mogbonjubola advised the public to practice good sanitation and personal hygiene, consume safe, boiled, or treated water, eat well-cooked food, and wash fruits thoroughly. He also urged prompt reporting of any symptoms to appropriate authorities.

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