Edward and Musa

By E-Ben Anorue

AS THEY went through the checking protocol at the airport, Edward and Musa continued with their discussion.

Edward said, “although I am a Briton, I knew that there was a time it was unthinkable, for a black American to ever consider himself for the office of the United States President but somehow, fate has not only proved such a notion wrong, it has also moved beyond that course of history, with the emergence of Barack Obama in 2008, and him occupying that seat for 8 straight years.”

“Hmmm. Musa sighed. “I guess you are correct because the only thing that seems constant in life is change and by that, I mean even what has been the norm, can still be upturned with time. I am a Nigerian.

There was a time and I mean a long time in our history, when the use of cell phones was regarded as the exclusive preserve of just a few, mostly those who were VIPs or super rich or even influential politicians. However, a particular Nigerian president made a difference and today, our society is awash with it …”

Edward continued, “… and to think that generations of Americans had hoped that someday, this would come to be, although some of them did not live to see the day anyway.”

“Yes, that’s always the case. Musa remarked. “Most anticipated changes outlives some, or all of the original initiators. The bottom line is this – whatever you know, whatever you are convinced about, whatever you are considering, drop it. It will definitely find expression even if it is not in your lifetime!”

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