Fubara Affirms Stance on Legislative Seats and Budget Priorities

By Helen Okechukwu, JKNMedia Reporter, Port Harcourt

Governor Siminalayi Fubara has declared that his administration has begun preparing the 2025 budget.

He insisted that the legislative seats declared vacant on December 13, 2023, will remain vacant.

Fubara confirmed that the seats of Martin Amaewhule and others who defected from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC) will not be reinstated.

He made these remarks while receiving leaders and stakeholders from Etche and Omuma Local Government Areas at the Government House in Port Harcourt on Wednesday.

He dismissed recent criticisms from the defectors as mere noise.

He urged the 25 former lawmakers to recognize the ongoing progress in the state’s governance.

Fubara emphasized that the 2025 budget will prioritize education, healthcare, and agriculture.

“Agriculture will be a major focus in the 2025 budget. We promised to support the people of Rivers State in this area,” Fubara stated.

He dismissed detractors as delusional, asserting his administration’s dedication to its goals.

Fubara highlighted his past efforts to help the defectors, paying their children’s school fees and house rents.

He expressed regret over their departure from the PDP. “They are gone because they crossed voluntarily.

Their seats remain vacant as declared on December 13, 2023. We will not nullify this decision,” he asserted.

Fubara revealed that preparations for the 2025 budget are already underway, focusing on key areas to improve the state.

He emphasized the importance of quality education, healthcare, and agricultural development.

“Our children deserve quality schools, whether public or private. Our healthcare facilities must offer standard services. Agriculture will help reduce unemployment by engaging the youth,” he explained.

The governor stressed that his administration is not in conflict with anyone and expressed appreciation to those who have contributed to his success.

However, he clarified that loyalty does not mean compromising one’s principles. “We will govern standing tall, not on our knees. We will not be forced into subservience,” he declared.

He assured the Etche and Omuma communities of his administration’s recognition and support for all ethnic groups in Rivers State.

He called for continued support to advance the well-being of all residents. “Support us because our vision is clear. We want everyone to be free and lead with the fear of God,” Fubara said.

He also addressed the recent social media attacks, describing them as sponsored propaganda and reaffirmed his commitment to serving Rivers State and threatened legal action against those misrepresenting his administration.

In response to the community’s concerns, the governor promised to work with the Nigeria Police to address herdsmen attacks on farmlands.

He also said he remains committed to addressing illegal dredging activities and improving roads, schools, and healthcare facilities in the area.

He announced a donation of N50 million to Ogbakor Etche Worldwide for the organization’s operations.

Eze Emmanuel Opurum, the Oyeisi Etche, pledged continued support for Governor Fubara’s administration and called for a collective effort to resolve the political crisis in Rivers State.

Sir Charles Nwonuala, President General of Ogbakor Etche Worldwide, expressed confidence in Governor Fubara’s leadership while he presented a list of development needs, endorsing the governor’s efforts.

Dr. George Nwaeke, Head of Rivers State Civil Service, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the administration’s inclusive approach and commitment to peace.

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