Supreme Court Orders Direct Payment of LG Funds, Declares State Govs’ Actions Unlawful

By Joke Kujenya

TODAY, THE Supreme Court delivered a landmark ruling declaring unconstitutional the longstanding practice of state governors withholding funds designated for local governments.

Justice Emmanuel Agim, delivering the lead judgment, emphasized that this illegal practice has persisted for more than two decades, significantly hampering the operational autonomy of the 774 local government councils nationwide.

The court’s decision follows a lawsuit initiated by the Attorney General of the Federation, Lateef Fagbemi, accusing governors of obstructing the financial independence of local governments.

The federal government, through its plea, sought direct allocation of funds from the Federation Account to local governments, bypassing state control.

Justice Agim dismissed the defendants’ preliminary objections, affirming the AGF’s authority to challenge and uphold the constitutional rights of local governments.

The verdict mandates that all allocations intended for local governments must now be disbursed directly to them, effective immediately.

It is a ruling described as representing a significant stride towards enhancing the independence and efficiency of local government administrations nationwide.

It is also said to be aimed at curbing unwarranted state interference and promote transparent governance at the grassroots levels.

Essence of the ruling:

The Supreme Court’s judgment signals a pivotal shift towards greater financial autonomy for Nigeria’s local governments, aiming to empower them with direct access to funds previously withheld by state governors.

This decision is expected to enhance local governance transparency and efficiency, potentially revitalizing grassroots development initiatives nationwide.

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2 thoughts on “Supreme Court Orders Direct Payment of LG Funds, Declares State Govs’ Actions Unlawful

  1. I expect my “friends” on this platform to hail this landmark judgement of the Supreme Court against the Machiavellian shylockism of our Governors. And to also give credit to Tinubu’s administration for the initiative. This is RESTRUCTURING in motion. But I know they will not be impressed because Tinubu is not their…!

    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this important issue. We hope others will come up with their diverse viewpoints and respectful discussions. Really, it shouldn’t stop here and I hope the implementation will be really practical. Thank you so much.

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